Thursday, 17 April 2008

Ya know? Da Muse. Da Star. Da Movie. Da Imagination.

Somebody in my critique group, Romance Writers Unlimited (see link to my blog - and then follow the link to critique group blog)...

posted the whimsy side of the author.

Who is going to star in the movie. And I thought it might be an idea to introduce you to mine. He goes further back into the production of this grand piece of Zara Penney imagination. Has worked harder and longer, so he deserves the kudos he gets.

His name is Estienne Devereaux - he is the star of my next WIP for the next anthology which all the Romance Spinners have been working on.

The paparazzi were hanging around his dressing room where he was resting between scenes. There's been a lot of down time lately, because she has been in editing mode, which is the workingman's side of the fun of writing - but still very important.

Meet da muse. Da Star. Da movie. And da imagination.

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EJ McKenna said...

Estienne is wearing far too much lippy! (or is he having a Captain Jack Sparrow moment?)

Love it! You're so clever with the dolls. I just trawl entertainment magazines for pictures of cuties ...