Thursday, 27 March 2008

Well, well, well...

The year is running fast, deadline is almost upon the Romance Spinners spinning their second anthology.

March 31st.

It seemed like lightyears away at the time. We could fly around the moon a dozen times and still be in time to write THE END

Where have all the eons gone.

Are you ready for us?

I'm glad I'm writing the story, I can't imagine what sort of cover will be designed for us.

Which brings me to a point. If you are there and have the time, what sort of covers do you like? Personally I tend to like subtle covers. Not the bodice ripper kind. I like my imagination to dictate the hero to me. If I want George Clooney in my imagination then let me have him rather than be dictated to. Same goes for my heroine.

Covers are very important. They are the marketing tool. Probably the one chance on a shelf of hundreds of little pieces of competition so they are so important. Style, color, and a good blurb on the back to entice the reader to give it a bit of time to really consider putting in an investment.

Back to editing Zara Penney. Deadline is nigh.

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