Tuesday, 29 January 2008

On this day Mea Culpa

I've undertaken the next anthology project from Romance Spinners from this humble person called me... REGENCY.

And since I heard lovers of Regency are a tough mob, I quickly got my butt into some serious research. And you know what?

It might seem fascinating to us. Romantic and all that.

But really. It's as boring as bat's teeth in reality. If you consider you live in a constant electricity blackout that's how much fun it is.
Spontaneous? Hell no. Only the fire ever did that.

The only fun thing you had was not knowing what a joy was in store for you with hoop skirts.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Zara pondering on Regency during a Regency swat.

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EJ McKenna said...

Hi Zara,
I know how you feel. With this new anthology, we have the main theme tying the stories together, but they're all set in different eras, so we're on our own with the research.

What I love about regencies is the characters can be so feisty, because it was a time of such great change. Generally speaking, I find the female characters endearing because they're railing against such tight confines.