Friday, 4 January 2008


New Years eve was spent on Sydney Harbor in a boat watching the fireworks from the very front row seat. No, I did not spend the evil profits of publication. Did I say that? It's more like the mystical profits of publication.

One does it outof love, until one becomes JK Rowling. Then it becomes business.


When I am rich and famous I'm going to live in Manhattan, have a house in Malibu (on the water side and risk Tzunamis rather than the brush fires) and of course I might also add a house in either Switzerland or England and use my chopper to hop across the moat.

But then my imagination, which helps me write might be a little too high octane.


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EJ McKenna said...

Zara, the Sydney fireworks looked amazing from my telly box down here in Melbourne.

They way they use the harbour and the bridge, it's such a big night.

In Melbourne, they do the fireworks in the city, along the Yarra. So they have the sparklers going off tall buildings, but there are so many other tall buildings in the way as well.

I have already spent the imaginary profits of my writing on some nice treats. I too write for love, but I also love to get paid! :-)