Monday, 20 March 2017

A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal

This year for the A to Z Challenge, I will be posting about...

By career I am a novelist, but by education, I am an astronomer. As a practicing Citizen Scientist, I spend some time nearly every single day in study, analysis or observation of our universe.

The science of Astronomy is not to be confused with the practice of astrology (ie, predicting the future based on your horoscope).  Astronomy is a rigorous science involving physics, chemistry and biology (yes, really) to describe the universe we live in. For us, Mercury retrograde is nothing more than an apparent movement of a planet and not a portent of disaster in one's life, and our Zodiac has thirteen signs because the Sun spends a few days in Ophiuchus.

For the month of April, I intend to share a topic each day from Astronomy. Some things (like S is for Star) might be familiar, and others (C is for Chandrasekhar Limit) may be new to most people. I hope to present something for all levels of understanding, and welcome comments regarding what you think is cool about the universe.

Her Grace is an ambidextrous polymath in pursuit of a MSci in Astronomy from Swinburne University.  And she is an author. To realise your place in the Universe, look to the heavens. To escape your place in the Universe, read her books.

Blog Posts:
A is for Astronomy and All Things in the Skies
B is for Baryonic Matter
C is for Chandrasekhar Limit
D is for Dark Matter
E is for Extremophile
F is for Fusion, or Why Stars Shine
G is for Galaxy
H is for Hydrogen and Helium, pretty much most of the matter of the universe.
I is for Infrared
J is for Jeans Mass and Jeans Length
K is for Kelvin, or how we measure temperature in the universe
L is for Lightyear
M is for Moon -and-  M is for Mars
N is for Nebula
O is for Orion
P is for Planet. It's okay, you can call Pluto a planet if you want.
Q is for Quasar
R is for Radio waves
S is for Star
T is for Telescope
U is for Ultra-violet
V is for Visible Spectrum
W is for Wobble
X is for X-ray.  Finally, an AtoZ blog entry where I don't have to stretch to find an entry.
Y is for Year
Z is for Zodiac


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic! Looking forward to coming back in April.

Josefine from
Getting to the end

Linda Gardiner said...

Interesting, I'll look forward to following.

A to Z Reveal

Would love to have you peak at mine. Linda G.

Ann Bennett said...

Now I shall enjoy your series of posts. I've taught astronomy to middle school and high school students. Being retired, I only revisit the topics on occasion. It is just time for me to think of other things. So this will be a treat.

Mandy said...

Astronomy has always intrigued me. It's such a complex topic!

- Mandy
With Love

Sharon Himsl said...

Very interesting indeed. I'm looking forward to your posts!

Deborah Weber said...

I'll keep my eyes to the skies and on your blog as well - great theme!

sage said...

A similar theme! But yours sound more scientific than mine, as I plan on mixing astronomy with mythology of the stars. And since you're from the Southern Hemisphere, I'll be curious as to what you might explore!