Tuesday, 3 January 2017

No HEA for All Romance eBooks

Last week my publisher notified us of the closing of the distributor All Romance eBooks (ARe), especially how it was closing under terrible circumstances.

Part of the fiasco is that many loyal readers who kept their purchases stored on ARe have lost access to their collections. This is not cricket. I believe if you purchase a book, you should have access to it as long as you wish, even if it's an ebook. This means giving customers the opportunity (and time) to download and store their purchases locally. ARe did not do that. (Then again, there's a lot of things they're not doing that's got a whole lotta people upset.)

If you purchased any of my titles through ARe and were unable to rescue them before everything shut down, please contact me here.

Her Grace is off to adjust her website to remove the ARe link.  She encourages you to purchase her books through better-behaved sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or KoboBooks.

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