Friday, 16 September 2016

First Sentence Friday - The White Feather Ch 4

First Sentence Friday - The White Feather Chapter 4

Just like that, the ghost disappeared. No warning, no fading away, no last words.

Okay, I cheated. That's two sentences.

In The White Feather (and many of my other books), items can hold magic. How much is influenced by the material.

Iron is anathema to magic. It simply cannot hold it and in many traditions, can even negate magic.

Iron is even strong enough to kill stars.

Young stars are formed when a cloud of hydrogen collapses under its own gravitational weight and starts thermonuclear fusion. The hydrogen of a star fuses together into helium. When all the hydrogen is used up. the star undergoes a helium flash and starts fusing helium. Then it gradually works its way through the Periodic table until it gets to FE (iron). Iron does not undergo thermonuclear fusion the way the lighter elements do. When a star reaches iron stage, it pretty much blasts away its outer shell, leaving a slowly cooling core of iron. This is how many stars die.

As for elements heavier than iron (such as gold and uranium), these are create when certain types of stars go supernova. the powerful blast of a supernova fuses some iron into the heaver elements.

Interesting note: the shockwave of a supernova can trigger star formation in a nearby nebula (cloud of hydrogen). Circle of life.

Love astronomy? So do I.

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