Friday, 1 July 2016

First Sentence Friday - Her Endearing Young Charms Chapter 1

Donna's really good book.
I've been inspired by Donna Everhart, author of "The Education of Dixie Dupree", who's been posting the first sentence of each chapter of Dixie Dupree on her blog. Normally I'm not into Women's Fiction, but Dixie Dupree sounds really interesting, full of voice and character.

So I thought I'd do the same for Her Endearing Young Charms.

Her Endearing Young Charms
Chapter One: As she watched her brother George snooze, Merrybelle Hales wished she had a grease pencil.

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Her Grace loves a good opening line.

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Donnaeve said...

Heidi - I didn't know you'd done this till now! Thank you very much, it's generous of you!