Thursday, 5 May 2016

A to Z Challenge - recap

So here I am at Stupid O'Clock with a bit of time for quietude and reflection. I made it to the end of another A to Z Challenge. This year was a lot easier (and nicer) than last year. There's a good chance I'll do it again next year.

Things I learned:

  • Short and sweet is perfectly acceptable.
  • Writing to a theme is a good idea.
  • Scheduling posts is your friend.
  • I am not an everyday blogger.
  • Blogreaders really like lists.
It was good to be able to visit other fascinating blogs. Some of the blogs I visited and really enjoyed:

You might not hear from me for the next month. May is Birthday Month and I've got a lot of birthdays to cater for. Also, the Rockingham Book Fair is coming up this weekend (I'll be there. Come visit!), Eurovision is the week after and I've got a major project due on the Environment and Climate of Mars and its Potential Habitability (astrobiology).  Much going on.

Meanwhile, it's also the Book Birthday for Her Endearing Young Charms. To celebrate, I'm having a giveaway on Goodreads. May 11-20. Please enter.

Her Grace thanks you for reading this month.

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