Sunday, 10 January 2016

Interview - April Hollingworth

Today's Friday Interview is happening on a Sunday because tomorrow's the release date for sweet Candy Hearts Romance story "Be Mine"! Out from The Wild Rose Press on 11 Jan 2016.

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Romance Spinners welcomes April Hollingworth to our august pages for some fun and merriment and some Sweet Romance.

Beth has always loved Mark. He was the boy of her dreams even though she was nothing more than his little sister's best friend. Now he's back from the military and looking at her differently. Though that could be the plate of lasagna she dropped in his lap.

A series of mishaps gives Mark opportunity to spend time with her. He is sure that he is the man for her but experience has taught Beth not all men can be trusted. Can he convince her that he wants her to be his for Valentine's Day and ever after?

Doesn't that make your heart flutter?

HWK: In "Be Mine", Beth and Mark have known each other since they were young. Why has it taken them this long to realise their love?

AH: Beth always knew she loved Mark, but as Beth is his younger sister’s best friend he never really noticed her when they were growing up. Then he went away to college and straight into the army, and he didn’t see her again until he finally arrived home.

HWK: I love Sweet Romance. What aspects of Sweet allow you to explore Romance in "Be Mine" without the need for sexytimes?

AH: I love sweet romances too. With Mark and Beth they had heat and the blossoming romance igniting them together, so I felt if I was to write a sexy scene for them it would be purely for the sake of it, so no hanky-panky for them. They do show their passion for one another in other ways, during self-defence classes and etc by a look, touch and even teasing words.

HWK: I agree. Sometimes the subtlest of glances can say so much. How does writing Romance satisfy your soul?

AH: I feel happier in myself, as if by writing it I’m keeping a part of romance alive. Sounds strange I know. The way I think of it is like reading a fairy-tale, what I write brings me to a place where happily ever after will happen, even if the road is difficult and dangerous, it’s a guarantee at the end that love will triumph. Also I just adore romance.

HWK: What psychological benefits do readers gain from reading Romance novels?

AH: : I think as a reader and a writer of romance, I think psychologically reading romance has a calming effect. When I read romance books of heroines standing up for themselves and yet taking a chance on love, I know that’s what I want for myself and others too. Reading of a powerful man who becomes gentle for his woman is wonderful. It’s almost as if romance books are teaching us that we don’t have to settle, that we should take control of our lives and follow our dreams, after all our soul-mates our out there, but if you settle, you may never meet them.

HWK: A law is passed and mint flavour is banned from all toothpaste. What flavour do you suggest they replace it with?

AH: No mint flavour toothpaste, hmmm that’s a hard one. Okay raspberry flavour toothpaste. I love raspberries.

HWK: Preach it! If you could convince the world of ANYTHING, what would it be?

AH: Love unconditionally and follow your heart wherever it takes you. After all, life is an adventure so enjoy it.

"Be Mine" - A Candy Hearts Romance is out from The Wild Rose Press and you can preorder it wherever all good ebooks are sold. I recommend trying here:

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April Hollingworth said...

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I loved your questions :D

Her Grace, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Glad you could join us. Happy sales!