Tuesday, 23 June 2015

State of the Union Address

I've been busy. (I'm sure you could tell.)

What I've accomplished recently:

Marry Me: Got to write "The End" on the first draft while at Write Club. Did a quick'n'dirty edit pass then it's off to some critters. This novella has to be in to my editor before 1 August. Currently up at the Online Writing Workshop if you want to give feedback.

Her Endearing Young Charms: Based on some feedback from a trusted beta-reader, I've rewritten the beginning and tweaked some character motivations in the middle. As soon as I've finished this draft and my betas finish finding the big plot holes, HEYC is off to the agents.

Victoria Arden:  I've started outlining. I confess I'm totally up in the air for the official title. Considered the rather twee "Ardent Victory" and am currently entertaining "Pon Rep" (as in "Upon my Reputation", a common saying in the Regency).  I'm open to suggestions. Also, looking for more character names. I need to name a Dukedom and an Earldom, as well as a few other characters.

The Website: I finally got my website up after far too long. Instead of waiting for 100% of everything I needed, I figured a job done imperfectly is still a job done. Feel free to have a gander. I threw up some musical easter eggs.

Real Life: I have a Very Important Project connected with my 20 Year Plan that I'm trying to arrange. This is taking a lot of my time and energy. Specifically, this project needs a particular location to grow best. I have one guaranteed spot I could put it in, but it is far, far from ideal. Far. So I've been scouting locations and putting in applications for spots and am waiting. I've had the best place turn me down. It's broken my heart. This project would have succeeded to its maximum potential had I been able to place it there--such a sunny spot. I've got a few other hopeful tendrils out, but the competition is fierce. I've got a couple more places to submit applications. I really hope one of them pans out. (Heh,"pan".) I really don't want this project to wither.

Her Grace believes quietness is not necessarily a sign of dormancy.

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