Friday, 5 March 2010

When in doubt. Google.

We are so lucky in today's world of writing and writers to have the tool called Google. I used to forget it and run through my library of leather Encyclopaedia Britannica and other publications. But having finished my Securement of Greggie Donald and more recently a Regency for the anthology, I found Google so invaluable.

(Why is invaluable a word that really means valuable but as an in- word it sounds so negative???)

However, I don't rely on Google for everything. I have an extensive reference libary and in my research projects, I must say I do love my books. They sit there in physical support, hard facts and reliable. I can find things I wasn't looking for but are good to know.

But don't forget you have the internet source. It's easy enough to forget you can use that just as it's easy enough to use.

There are language dictionaries and dialect disectors. There are converters and let's face it...

if you are bored editing, then there's time to waste and waffle away the time until you get guilty enough to return to the task at hand. What is that?



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