Monday, 18 May 2009

Bitten Review

Another top review from Bitten By Books. Reviewer Lyda has sunk her teeth into The Enchanted Faerie and likes what she tastes.

As Good As Gold by Heidi Wessman Kneale

4 Tombstones

A gold hunter has a surprise homecoming when a young woman steals some cursed gold from him to pay for a chance at finding love - now if he can just find that woman. This story was definitely one of the better ones in the anthology. It not only met the expectations for a story, but it also had a bit more depth and meaning that gave it more significance.

The Beltane Faerie of Fate by Holly Greenfield

4 Tombstones

Shaw has known Calinda all his life. When she is left to be the leader of her clan, she may need his help, she stubbornly refuses. Shaw enlists the aide of a gypsy to maybe, somehow, possibly, show Calinda some reason. This is the other story in the anthology that is definitely more notable and memorable. To put it simply, they chose a good story with which to end the book.

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