Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Just one of those days...

Today started much like any other. Until I sat down at the computer and started a quest.

I haven't had one for ages and it feels good. Feels healthy like a good diet makes you feel healthier. A diet for what constitutes good writing is good for one as well. Things like POV, and goal/conflict. What is good dialogue and what is bad?

And as always when this happens or when I google, I think...


We humans can make something as wondrous as this. Of course there are those who have turned it into a tool of depravity. But it can also be a wondrous bowl of knowledge. Where anything and everything that is spinning in the universe can be found.

Every so often I get philosophical. It's a mood directly opposed to other moods I get - especially the one that tells me if I don't get to a shop and find a sale soon I'm a goner.

What are you doing at the moment?

(Okay, smartypants, apart from reading this blog.)


Lady Heidi, Duchess of Kneale said...

What did we do before the Internet?

Did things the hard way. I remember the days before the internet and wished there was an easier way of accessing information. Trying to find info you wanted, and not having any books available with that information in the Library was always frustrating.

Researching markets was a nightmare and I will never go back to a typewriter ever again.

As to what I'm doing right now, I'm working the circ desk at work.

Normally I never work desk shifts, but as we've got most of our staff out sick, I'm filling in.

Caffey said...

Hi Zara and all! Its my first post to your blog but visited a couple of times but had some time so I wanted to say a hello! Gonna go check out that anthology of FAERIES as well as started to check with the other sites so I hope to get on more too!

I had read the post and knew what I was going to say, so I so didn't know that you were to speak of the same Lady Heidi, but it goes to prove that must of been many others with this frustration.

I'm up actually VERY EARLY and since I haven't been on the computer as much, I had lots of emails to catch up on. But I know one good thing about not having the net vs having it now. I wouldn't have had all these wonderful books to read. I was really frustrated before the internet, using the library, to find books with more romance. I mostly found books by chance at the new release section but so much suspense and thrillers (which I do not like reading now unless it has a strong romance in it) because I got so burned out. Lots of libraries didn't get romance books reguarly and mostly had those 'popular' authors. So when I got on the net, it totally opened so much for me with all I could find with romance. I'm very happy with all I find to read, really so satisfied now. I had books that I had never finished because they were full of horror or violence and I wasted alot of money on some I got. But now each I get is well worth it!

As for my day today, I'm spending it after some chores done, reading more of my book here (I didn't know if I could mention an author other than those on the blog) as well as catching up on email. So yep a day more on the blog, but its one I haven't spent on for a while so alot to catch up. I don't want to miss any reads!! Looking forward to meeting you all :) Cathie

Zara Penney said...

Hi Cathy,

Yes, it is easier for us all to get the kind of books we love to read. But I haven't given up books either because I don't ALWAYS find what I need on the internet. And my library is fat with books I love very much as friends as well as helpers. Books also don't come out sheets of paper with a paper clip or stapler but with lovely covers and a smell which you cannot beat even if you are the fastest runner in the world.

Heidi? Typewriter? And carbon paper? Ugh! Can you imagine the last edit? You know. The one you intend to send to the publisher. And at the bottom you find you've mislabelled the page numbers. LOL
Like some awful Jerry Lewis comedy.
OR maybe Lucille Ball movie.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Hi Cathie, welcome to the Spinners.

Before the internet, I used to write my stories longhand, and never finished them - later I used an electric typewriter. Still didn't finish the books.

I can remember writing essays in school and quoting back to books - but I could never find the page that had the exact quote I wanted (this was also before post-it notes!)
I'd end up searching for hours to make sure I got a fact right or a date right.

Now I google the area I'm after, find a few (reputable) sources and make sure they match, then I know I'm on the right track.

So why do I still not have any free time? :-D

Judith Leger said...

Surfing the internet! What else is there to do. Snickers beside putting off going to RWU. Glad to see you're taking a step forward. Surf/research away. It's one path to becoming normal again! Love ya, hunny!